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...fast forward to the next generation... Bob Oliver II, the grandson of Bob Oliver Bianchi.... now runs Bianchi Cattle Co. He and his wife Jackie live on the Cattle Ranch with their twins, Avery and Colton. They are growing the herd, both in their home and on the ranch... ; ) and continuing the tradition of Bianchi Ranching along with his cousins - my husband, Matt "Moose" Panziera, myself (Jamie) ; ), our children Zachary, Marley and Calleigh; my sister-in-law, Kristin and her two children; my nephew Haydin & niece Gianna; our fearless Bianchi sisters: my mother-in-law, DANA, who lives on the Soberanes Vineyard part of the Bianchi Ranch in the Santa Lucia Highlands and our AUNT NICKI, who lives on the lower Camphora Bianchi Ranch, next to the Salinas River, along with her daughter Petra and granddaughter Mia.

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Highlights: Cal Girl Calleigh- on her 15th birthday!, Marley Moo and Colton all branded for the first time with this Round-Up!

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